Communal Sololaki

  • Kojori Street, Tbilisi
  • 13 Hotel Rooms
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About Sololaki

In the historical district of Sololaki, the king's and queen's gardens were once planted during the late Middle Ages, creating an elegant and exceptional 19th-century neighborhood. The name "Sololaki" originated from the Arabic word "sulu lah," meaning an irrigation canal. As Tbilisi experienced rapid growth in the second quarter of the 19th century, the urbanization of Sololaki followed suit. Construction expanded along the road from Kala to Kojori, extending towards the foot of Mtatsminda. The development entailed clearing the old gardens, resulting in a fully lined street network by 1850. Sololaki became the most prestigious residential area for affluent merchants and industrialists, with the entire region from Leonidze Street to the Sololaki Ridge comprised of residential houses by the early 1880s. A construction boom in the 1870s led to the replacement of smaller, older structures with larger two- and three-story houses. The architectural character we see today largely emerged between 1870 and 1910. Over time, Sololaki attracted Georgian intellectuals, scientists, writers, and artists who chose it as their place of residence. Public, educational, and commercial buildings started to appear in Sololaki at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, Sololaki remains one of the most prestigious residential areas in Tbilisi, hosting renowned landmarks, restaurants, and cafes. Its ornate houses and cobblestone streets contribute to its enigmatic atmosphere and artistic ambiance.

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Communal Hotel

The owners of Communal Hotel Sololaki are a group of creative and passionate entrepreneurs. Fueled by a deep love for Georgia's heritage and architectural history, they have successfully transformed rundown townhouses into enchanting boutique accommodations, blending modern luxury with old-world charm. Their dedication brings an exclusive and intimate experience to guests.

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