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  • Betlemi Rise
  • 10 Hotel Rooms
  • Listing Manager: Homeowner

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  • Wifi
  • Drinkable tap water
  • Co-sharing space


About Betlemi

A medieval neighbourhood with cobblestone streets and stairs winding up the hillBetlemi, located in Kvemo Kala, on the slope of the Sololaki ridge is one of the oldest microdistricts of medieval Tbilisi.It was named after the Betlemi church situated here, and the church itself was named after the Christians’ holy place – Bethlehem (Palestine). According to tradition, King Vakhtang Gorgasali built the first church in this location at the end of the 5th century.Betlemi is visible from many other parts of the city. Its urban fabric unfolds on several terraces maintained by supporting walls. A network of streets, lanes and stairs is scattered across the hill. Against the background of residential houses of distinguished artistic value, the domes of the churches and the cubic shape of Ateshga (Zoroastrians’ shrine) generate a breathtaking urban landscape.In the 2000s, ICOMOS Georgia with the support of the international partners undertook a number of restoration activities in the Betlemi neighbourhood. The programme was aimed at striking balance between the conservation standards and community development needs.Since 2010 the Betlemi Quarter Festival has been held every year in May, which brings together the local community, old city enthusiasts, art lovers and tourists to have fun and celebrate the diversity and traditions of the quarter.

Neighbourhood Amenities

  • Coffee Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Local Grocery Shops
  • Food Market
  • Pedestrianised streets
  • Playground

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