Gileemale Walawwa

  • Gileemale Walawwa, Gileemale
  • 6 Hotel Rooms
  • Listing Manager: Homeowner

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About Gilimalee

Gilimale village consisting of a small population is situated aproximatley10 km north-east of Ratnapura and 90 km from the capital Colombo. The neighbourhood surroundings of the property offer an array of experiences. The surrounding areas are studded with many local gem mines, tea, rubber, cinnamon, bamboo estates, herb/ organic gardens, waterfalls and abundant bird life.An ideal location for nature lovers.

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Property Owned By

Ishantha Dassanayake

The Gileemale Walawwa is conceptualised and materialised by its current owner Ishantha Avinda Senerath Dassanayake who is the sixth-generation of the lineage of Pagoda Punchi Bandara, the original owner of the mansion and the village “Gileemale”. Ishantha has achieved a delicate balance infusing his own character and innovative vision while preserving the mansion’s ancestral history of more than 300 years to build an entity of sustainable hospitality that rekindles the bygone glory of the Sabaragamuwa culture.

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